Coat hooks are a great way to make your room look more stylish and clean! They can be used in any space of the house, not just the entryway. Keep reading for some creative ways that you can use coat hooks to improve your interior design!

Wooden back with metal hooks

Our wooden backed coat hooks with ceramic hooks are ideal for the hallway. The ceramic hooks give character and style to your hallway. They are a good design shape for clothes hanging on them. Our metal coat racks are great to hang clothing up in any room of the house. Smaller entryway coat hooks are perfect to hang up your keys or small items like gloves or sunglasses by the door. This is especially true if you live in an apartment where there isn’t a designated coat closet.

All metal

The all metal hooks are strong and durable. These come in singular or multiple hook models. They look very sleek and modern, which a perfect fit for the hallway in your home!

Hooks with shelves

What an inspiration. Hooks with shelves, would be ideal for those keys and stray items that you either don’t want to lose or want to keep off the floor.

Coat hooks are not just for coats! You can use them in your interior design in many different ways. Here are some of our favourites:

In the hallway…

Hooks are a great way to keep your kids coats and bags off the floor. Not only does it look tidier but it also helps with safety as you will always know where they are.

If you have a lot of guests coming over, consider using a coat rack instead of individual hooks. This will provide more storage for coats and bags.

What about have a hat display? That is an interesting idea. Hooks displays are becoming increasingly popular. If you have a lot of hats, it might be worth looking into this option as opposed to individual hooks or racks!

If your hallway isn’t very big…

There may not be enough space for all the coats and bags that you want to display so do some designs that would suit your space.

In the Bathroom…

Our double white Ceramic coat hook would look great in a bathroom or cloakroom for hanging bath robes and towels or attach a basket to store toiletry items.

A singular hook is often what is used in the bathroom to help keeps those clothes off the floor.

In the bedroom…

On the wall by your bed..

Our Double White Ceramic coat hook would be the perfect addition to your bedroom for hanging up coats and other clothing items. Wall hooks are great for organising handbags too. or those belts and ties for Men or scarves for the Ladies. Hooks on a shelf or dresser near the bed! Our ceramic hooks are great for hanging your jewellery and coats behind closed doors in your bedroom . It is also a good place to hang clothes that you may not wear often but don’t want sitting around all day either.

If you are using coat hooks in your bedroom, try installing them on the back of the door! This is a great way to save space and keep your room organized.

In the Living Room…

A Coat rack is often used in the living room to hang your jacket on and maybe store a hat and scarf. Our coat racks can also double as storage units for magazines, hats and umbrellas too!

Have you ever thought of hanging art on wall hooks? This would give unique style to your house. You can find all sorts of interesting wall hooks, like the ones shown in the picture.

There are many different ways to use coat hooks in your interior design! What creative way will you use them in your home?

In the Kitchen…

Hooks are not just for coats! You can also use them to hang your tea towels, oven gloves or aprons. This will keep these items close to hand and off of the work surfaces.

Wall hooks can also be used for storage of your pots and pans. This is a really efficient way to use the space in your kitchen as it can free up some cupboard or drawer space.

Kitchen utensils can be one of the biggest sources of clutter in the kitchen other than pots and pans, but this can be corrected by using an organizational system. Having your utensils on hooks makes it easier to see which utensil you need while you’re cooking.

Displaying your china collections with hooks is a beautiful way to show them off and can also be a great conversation starter when you have guests over.

In the laundry room…

Using our best coat hooks, means you can store items like your ironing board in the laundry room or utility. No one wants to have this bulky item in their living room or bedrooms, so out of sight is definitely out of mind!

Hanging on a door…

These coat hooks are great for hanging off backpacks, purses, hats, jackets, etc! They do not make too much noise when you open or close them either which is always a good idea for hanging those bags and purses.

For the pets…

How about have hooks for hanging those leads on. A great and organised way of keeping your pet gear in one place.

We have hooks for those who love animals with some very creative designs.

For the kids…

Apart from using a wall hook for storage those bags and coats to keep the kids items organised. have you thought of using two single hooks and hanging a hammock between them, what a great idea for all those teddies and toys. This idea will keep the clutter off the floor.

In the garage…

Storing gardening tools properly helps you keep them in good shape and ensures that you’ll be able to find the specific tool you need when you need it. The best way to organize gardening tools is to get your gardening tools up off the garage floors. Use coat hooks to keep them organized. Coat hooks are sturdy enough to hold even heavier gardening tools such as heavy metal rakes and hoes.

Hanging plants…

An interesting style for those who want something different. You could try and add style to your decor by adding some hanging plants off hooks.

Creating a feature wall of coat hooks, these could be of different colours and designs and would give such a unique look to your space, with organising and creating a sense of peace and calm.

Today we’ve talked about how our beautiful designs can add the perfect finishing touch

Coat hooks are a great way to keep your things organised and close to hand. They can be used in many different places around the house, such as on the wall, door or even for pets! Keep these items close to hand and off of the work surfaces.