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Wooden Wine Racks

Are you looking for a wine racking system for your living room or dining room?

You should! They are the perfect solution to store all your treasured wine bottles for those special occasions.

Let us look at why wine racks are important and things you must consider before you buy one for your living space.

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5 items

Why Are Wooden Wine Racks Important?

Wine racks in a living room or dining room, set against the wall, are an attractive way to store your stock. Besides offering a way to sort through your wine collection, it maintains a perfect temperature to ensure their quality.

Ideally, a basement or cellar is a perfect place to store your precious items in a dark place for stability and safe keeping.

You have to ensure that the bottles you own are in a horizontal position. This way the cork stays in contact with the content of the bottle. If you are looking for one for personal use, wine cabinets or wine racks that offer space to keep glasses and accessories are a perfect solution.

However, the wine racks you can choose from depend on your needs. For example, the number of bottles you have, the height, the depth, and material, such as oak. Accordingly, a wooden wine rack or contemporary wine rack system will be ideal. Therefore, there are factors that you must consider before shopping for storage racks.

Let us look at them one by one.

Know Your Needs When Buying a Wooden Wine Rack

So, first you must know the primary reason why you want the wine racks? For example, the cost factor buying a home storage system without having to spend a lot of money on expensive wine racks?

May be you wish to use a wooden wine rack that can become a part of your furniture. May be you already have a wine rack that is fully occupied and you need more shelves to put in more glasses, bottles, and other relevant products.

Whatever the reason, wooden wine racks are widely available online.

The Design Factor of Wine Rack Furniture

Wooden wine racks come in two main designs which are as follows:

Slightly Tilted Wine Racks

This design of wine racks come in various heights, depth, and number of shelves. They are a perfect fit for home or commercial purpose. The tilted position of the bottle ensures that the sediment stays at the bottom.

This is ideal; however, it prevents the cork from staying moist and causing it to shrink. This will eventually allow the outer air to squeeze through and reach your wine. This method is slightly risky if you like your wine mature in taste.

Therefore, you need a wooden wine racks with shelves in a perfectly horizontal position. Some wine racks have storage shelves in tilted position to prevent the wine bottles from falling, especially if you live in an area prone to earthquakes.

If you still choose this style of wine rack for storage, you must rotate them on regular basis. This will make sure that the corks of all bottles stay moist at all times. Of course going through each shelves rotating the bottles is not going to be an easy task.

However, if you have expensive brands in your storage, you want all your bottles to age properly. You can also place your bottles in these by tilting them in the forward position. At first glance doing so may make wooden racks with tilted shelves seem like a perfect solution for bottles storage.

Yes, they will be a good home for your wine bottles and keeping the corks moist. However, when you take the bottles out and put them in an upright position, the sediment can stick to the neck of the bottle.

As you pop the cork of the wine bottles, the sediment will spoil your wine as you pour it into glasses. So, a rack that tilts the bottles but keeps the cork higher than the base of the bottle is best.

Horizontal Space for Wine Bottles

This is a perfect space for your stock to age. Plus you do not need to any experience in wine ageing process.

This way, your wines stay fresh and mature property without any damage. The horizontal oak wood cabinets will also create well organised display.

Treat it Like a Wood Furniture

You must treat these items as if you were buying a piece of wood furniture. Wood-based space to store your wine stock at home is a popular choice in the UK. However, the type of design you choose depends on the style of cabinet, and prices.

On the other hand, if you wish to place this cabinet in the living room, then you have to consider if it goes with your wood furniture or not. You can always discuss this with the wood furniture supplier.

Racks for Wine Bottles – Other Factors to Consider

While there is a wide range of cabinet and storage style, the rack you buy will need to be within your budget range, plus it must fulfil your cabinet needs. Think about the colour of the walls and surrounding decor in the area where you are going place.

Types of Wine Racks You can Buy on a Budget

The variety of wooden wine racks you can buy from brands in the UK include the following

·        Winerex       – XI Winerex System

·        Renato

·        Mensolas etc.

DIY Wine Racks – Make Your Own Wine Rack at Home

If you are a practical person, why not turn this task into a small project and make a Wine Rack for yourself. There are wine rack ideas on Houzz and similar sites to provide you with ideas to make your wine rack through a do-it-yourself project. You’ll have to start by determining the desired dimensions of your wine rack. It should have good height, width, and depth to store your collection.

Wikipedia says “Wood is the most popular medium when it comes to wine rack construction. It is easily obtainable and very workable”

By making it yourself, you can select a material of your choice, for instance oak, and get the hardware in adequate height and width. You don’t even have to make a trip to the hardware store; simply look for renowned brands and choose the home delivery option, and you’ll receive all the stuff at home. This is the first part of the process. Next up, you need to bring it together.