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Kitchen Storage

From cutlery trays to bread bins, wine racks to spice drawers, storage solutions are key to the functioning of your kitchen, usually the busiest room of the house!

Whether you’re looking for a solution to ease your disorganisation or just want to give your kitchen a stylish makeover, there’s storage for every taste and budget – so don’t let clutter get the better of you. Make sure there’s a home for all the pots and pans.

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7 items

Kitchen Storage Options

Whether its maximising the usable space inside a larder cupboard, or finding neat and attractive ways to display items, kitchen storage is an important consideration whatever the design of kitchen.

Firstly, make sure all your existing kitchen cupboards and drawer space is optimised for usable space. This is exceptionally important in smaller kitchens. Easy access is critical so that its not difficult to remove and replace items that are often used. Also you need to consider the location of the stored utensils, tools and foodstuffs in relation to the fridge, freezer, oven, hob, dishwasher and sink.

Food Storage

Food storage should be kept in an area near to where you cook and according to both how often it is used, and the storage conditions required for the type of food.

Storing fruit and vegetables in a cool place and on a cold surface will help to keep them fresh longer. Traditionally the pantry would have been a cool room all year round, and a great option for this purpose. Nowadays this storage area is likely to be a cupboard in the kitchen, larder or even the fridge.

A cool dark pantry will keep potatoes and onions fresher for longer, whereas light tends to make them sprout faster. In the absence of a pantry, use a suitable cupboard away from heat sources, to store these items.


Think about the potential storage for current and future appliances and accessories you may need to store. These can be bulky and need a lot of space in your cupboards. They includes everything from food mixers to crockery and cutlery, cake tins, glasses, bottle racks for wine storage, plate stackers or dividers for draining boards.

Cling Film, Foil and Greaseproof Paper storage

It’s a good idea to have a designated space within your kitchen for cling film, foil and greaseproof paper. If you don’t have enough cupboard space then consider a kitchen storage unit with pull out compartments or under the work surface storage.

Drawer Organisers

Another great solution for kitchen storage, is drawer organisers. These can be customised to fit any sized drawers, and configured in a variety of ways to suit your needs.

Cupboard Organisers

These tend to come as either hanging or drawer options. Make sure every cupboard is optimised for the items that you need to store – you’ll be amazed at how much more you can fit in the space you already have!

Worktop storage

There are a range of storage solutions which may be simply located on the existing worktops and its wise to consider where you place your most used items.

Bread bins

A bread bin is an example of this, this may be made from metal or wood and can be very attractive.

Kitchen storage container

Ideas for this type of storage are limitless and you should consider both aesthetic value as well as practicality. There are countless types of containers, jars, bottles and canisters made from anything from glass to metal to wicker.

For things like tea, coffee and sugar a range of attractive containers are available which can be easily colour matched to the rest of the kitchen.

Open shelves

Open shelving comes in many forms with adjustable units being particularly adaptable. Corner units are also a great solution, converting wasted space into useful storage areas.

Wine Racks

Wine racks can be made part of a kitchen if you have space, and there are a range of beautiful options available to you.

Spice Racks

Standing spice racks are also available which can be positioned wherever they’re most convenient. Again these can be very attractively presented as part of your décor. Some of these can be wall mounted to save worktop space.

Racks of drawers

Drawer units come in all shapes and sizes with various types of internal compartments for sorting different kitchen utensils.

Now its up to you what to do next!

For inspiration, why not browse the selection of kitchen storage solutions and accessories on this website today? And see how you can impress your family with your organisation!