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The art of allowing the rooms in your home to have a multifunctional quality is imperative in this day and age. With most homes being smaller, it is important that we can enjoy the space. Allowing furniture to be useful in virtually any room is the best way to maximise space while keeping your home stylish and functional.

48 items

48 items

Dining tables

Dining room tables are often one of the first pieces of furniture to be thought of in this category. A dining table can be used as a desk, a place to eat meals or snacks, or even as a place for your children to do their homework. When shopping for tables, it is important to keep in mind the different ways that you will use the table to make sure that it is made out of the best material for the use.

Even if you don’t have a separate room in your home for dining, the perfect table can fit in to any space. A kitchen table or small square table in your living room are both great dining tables and can complement the style of your home. Create the perfect space for friends to visit or family to dine!

Side Tables

A much smaller table, but just as important. Side tables are great for snacks, drinks, or even to place your books on when you need a break. A side table or coffee table in the right position is invaluable.

Side tables can also be used for décor, using a few slightly different shaped tables to hold plants or ornaments is a stylish home décor trick.

Hallway Tables

Hallway tables are incredibly useful, especially when you are trying to save space. As the entrance to your home, it is often a wasted space. In order to keep it completely clutter free it is often better to keep it clear.

Tables with storage abilities are the absolutely answer, providing space to hide things and space to display ornaments, family photos and plants. This creates a gorgeous entrance to anyone visiting your home, without wasting any space!

The Lily Village has every kind of table for your needs; dressing tables, console tables, coffee tables, and even tables to suit a home office or outside space. With modern options, hand carved styles or contemporary plastic designs, we have it all!