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If there is one piece of furniture you should consider in your home, it’s the humble stool. Stools can be used in almost any room in your home, especially if you are lacking space which most of us are.

The variety to choose from is huge. Depending on the use you have for a stool, you can choose the perfect and stylish option to suit you and your family.

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7 items


The best thing about stools is their ability to be multifunctional. You can use stools in your kitchen, dining room, living room and even bathroom, and they don’t just have to be used for sitting on.

In a small kitchen that has a solid counter top or breakfast bar, adding a tall or adjustable bar stool can create a whole dining space in just a few square meters. In a smaller, open plan kitchen/ living room, these types of kitchen bar stools can be moved around the space to work as extra seating, mini tables or foot rests. Bar stools are a great way to style a small space, keeping it practical and gorgeous at the same time.

Stools are valuable in more places that just the kitchen or living room. Smaller stools are the ideal addition to a bedroom or bathroom. With a range of materials available, they can be a comfy extra seat, a small side table or a décor stool.

The right stool is also the perfect addition to your children’s room or the playroom. They are small, comfortable and easy to move around. Allowing your kids freedom to arrange and re-arrange their space easily.

Have a little fun

Never be afraid to have some bold fun with your interior design. We all love a clean and contemporary style, but that doesn’t mean that you always have to stick to the tried and tested.

A bright coloured stool can be the perfect way to add an element of interest. You could pair it with some stools in more neutral colours for a contrasting look, or you can opt for stools that blend in with your colour scheme.

Choosing a fun material for your bar stools, or the ottoman in the kid’s room can bring out the colours in the rest of the house while creating a fun and bold look.

At The Lily Village we have a range of stools to choose from for any occasion, let your mind run wild with the possibilities!