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Coat Hooks

There are many coat hooks on the market. They come in different styles, sizes, and shapes. The coat hook is a simple coat rack that can be attached to walls or doors for hanging clothes for storage. You can choose the perfect coat rack or door hooks to suit your style, your space and your budget.

Look for coat hooks that are sturdy and easy to mount. The coat rack should have well-built joints so it can hold a lot of weight without wobbling or falling apart. If the coat rack has no mounting mechanism, you will need to use wall anchors when installing it on your wall or door.


26 items

26 items

Materials for coat hooks vary

Coat hooks can be made from wood, metal or plastic. You can hang heavy clothes and coats on coat hooks that are made of metal, and lighter items such as jackets and hats on coat hook racks that are made of wood. Some coat hooks are small and only have room to hold one coat or hat, while large coat racks can hold several coats. There are a lot of different shapes and sizes to fit any room.

Where to put a coat hook?

Entryway coat rack is a coat rack that is installed in an entrance area of homes, offices or other buildings. It comes in different designs and styles all depending on the decorative theme or style of hallway.

Placing multiple hooks in the entryway is a great and stylish way to store hats, bags, and a beautiful basket or two!

The size of the coat rack is very important when choosing where to hang it. A coat rack that’s too big for its location will just look awkward in the space. It should also be kept away from walkways to avoid crowding the space.

Larger hat hooks and coat racks should be given pride of place as a piece of furniture to stand out in a larger room. They can be a sleek and modern design choice that doubles as storage.

Coat racks fit perfectly in just about every room.

Bedroom/ Guestroom

Especially the coat racks with storage and shelves if there is no closet or coat closet available for guests’ coats and jackets.

Kitchen/ Mudroom

Coat racks with coat hooks would be very useful for hanging wet and dirty coats and jackets after you come in from the outside. They are extremely practical and keep the space neat and tidy.

Living Room

Many coat racks are designed for home interiors so you can find coat racks with coat hooks to decorate living room and hallways.

You can find a coat stand that matches your existing furniture or other coat rack accessories that blend in seamlessly with the style of your choice.


Door hooks in bathrooms are a great way to store spare towels and an even better way to dry out wet towels!

These coat hook racks are perfect for your bathroom. The coat hangers with coat hooks can be used to hang up towels, robes or other cloth products that need drying or airing out.

At The Lily Village we have a wide range of coat hooks available to suit your needs. Store your clothes in style, let your hats and bags shape your hallway and let inspiration spruce up your office!

…the options are endless.