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Cushions are one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to change the mood and look of a room in your home. With some careful thought you can use a variety of bright or pastel colours, different fabrics and texture to enhance and brighten up any interior, whether living room, kids bedroom, or even dining room. Find the perfect cushion for your space that matches the throws, rugs and curtains.

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16 items

There is a huge range of cushions available to enhance your interior, which can be used on a range of different furniture, whether it be an armchair, sofa, couch or window seat. Cushions can be in many styles of fabric, large or small, square, rectangular or even circular.

History of Cushions

Cushions of all types were used in Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, and during the Middle Ages of Europe for comfort, and were also a significant status symbol. Today, you can find cushions of all sizes made from leather, woven textiles, and in varying degrees of opulence.

Depending on your personal style and choice of home décor, it is essential to familiarise yourself with different types of cushions. Most cushions serve both functional and decorative purposes, as they are useful for supporting the head, neck, back, or sitting upon and add visual interest. Keep reading to learn about different types of cushions to style your home.

Scatter cushions

Larger style cushions may be required where the space is large and the furniture needs it. However, smaller scatter cushions are common to accentuate the colour of the décor.

Cushions are often added to a bed when not in use, to enhance the décor of a bedroom. For maximum comfort, make sure you have sufficient cushions in your rooms.

Whether luxury or simple, cushions can be very comfy especially for sofas, and also make great occasion gifts.

Couch Cushions

Cushions can be placed on top of the couches to help add comfort and style to your living room.

If you would like cushions that are made from a specific material, such as leather or velvet, then ensure that they coordinate with the couch. If not, pick cushions which go best with the décor of the rest of house. Couch cushions should be comfortable above all else, although they can also be well designed and enhance the décor of your home!

Cushion Covers

A cushion cover can also be made or purchased to cover your existing cushions, change your colours scheme, and a great way to save on cost and give your rooms a new look.

In Conclusion

Cushions are an easy way to enhance your home’s décor, from small scatter cushions to large and comfy cushions, make sure your home looks great! Visit The Lily Village today.