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Chest of Drawers

Chests of drawers, which in some countries may be referred to as a drawers chest, offer space which can be used to store clothing, bedding, or other household items. Chests of drawers come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any bedroom. Traditionally they would have been made of good quality solid wood like oak, although as with all furniture, cheaper methods of construction have been adopted.

When you shop for a chest of drawers there are a number of considerations. What will fit in the space you have available? You also need to decide how many drawers you want and their configuration. Some chests have all of the drawers at the top, others have them staggered. Most chests also come with a choice of either wooden or metal handles.

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9 items

How to choose a chest of drawers for your bedroom?

The dresser is one of the most useful pieces of furniture. Although not considered essential in the bedroom, in some cases it is difficult to do without it. It provides storage and accommodates bedding, clothes, accessories, etc. It can serve as a TV stand, dressing table, bedside table, or changing table which makes it multi-functional and practically universal.

Chest of Drawer styles

Various different styles of chest of drawers have been created over the different eras, more ornate and fancy designs as well as simpler and more basic modern style. Even mirrored chest of drawers are now available to suit modern decors. Chests of drawers can be very attractive traditional pieces of furniture and make stylish storage solutions for any room.

Chests of drawers are often bought to match other bedroom furniture and there are many different homely designs to choose from, giving you plenty of opportunity to find something that will look great with your wardrobe and other furniture in the room.

Chest of drawer sizes

When you shop for a chest of drawers, make sure you buy big enough for all your needs, allowing for clothes, blankets and bedding storage for your bedroom, as well as any clothing accessories. There are many different configurations of drawers sizes and shapes within the various sizes of chest. Think about the size of drawers and how to make your storage accessible when this when choosing this kind of furniture.

An element of Décor

Due to its relatively small size, unlike a wardrobe, the dresser in the bedroom is also used as an element of décor. It can be painted in an unusual shade, or fitted with original handles. In addition, you can place decorative lamps, frames with paintings or photographs, plants, vases, and interesting souvenirs and accessories for the bedroom.

Other features

When you shop for chest of drawers you will notice that they come with different features such as varying styles of feet and the handles of the drawers can vary from very basic designs through to ornate and fancy ones with pull rings.

Other considerations

When you shop for a drawers chest for your bedroom, it is important to consider the size of the room and how much storage space is needed. As well as increased extra storage, a wide chest of drawers will give a good surface area for a worktop for other uses. Think too about the style and colours in the room and how the colours in the chest of drawers will match.

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