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Glass Vases

Vases are a beautiful way to present and exhibit a range of floral displays and plants. They are often used to create a more modern feel in the home and office. Glass vases come in an array of different shapes, sizes, colours and styles.

Glass flower containers can be found both with short necks that have openings on top for flowers or long necks which allow them to be set upright.

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12 items

Vase Shapes

When you search for a vase you will find these are available in many sizes and shapes. Glass vases can be square, round or oval and many have lovely designs etched into them.

Glass containers also come in different colours to suit any décor or style preference of the homeowner and can be a beautiful addition to a room. Glass is one of the most versatile materials as it’s a contrasting texture to other more solid and opaque surfaces.

If you are looking for a matching set of vases, there are three different shapes:

– A short necked vase with holes in the top for the flower stems to sit in

– A long neck vase that can sit on a surface

Vases with designs etched into them.

Glass vases come in a variety of shapes like tall cylinders or short round balls. Glass can be clear or have colour running throughout the glass itself which causes beautiful decorative displays when used as flower storage containers. Decorative glass vases are a great choice for a gift so have a browse through our collection and see what you can find!

Vases are great for holding fresh flowers and keeping them looking beautiful, but they can also be used to hold other things as well.

Glass as a material

Vases are a great way to bring fresh flowers into a room in stylish and elegant containers. Glass is also one of the most resilient materials which make these types of containers durable, long lasting and easy to maintain with no worry about scratches or cracks appearing over time.

Glass is an excellent choice if you are looking for something that can be used both aesthetically and functionally.

Vases can also have designs etched into them to further enhance the colour and character of the décor.

Glass is one of the most versatile materials that both reflects and refracts light, so it can be used to decorate and highlight any interior or exterior space. Glass is an interesting medium that reflects and refracts light from all angles; therefore you can put it anywhere in your home where there’s sunlight coming through.

Glass vases are also a good choice for a displaying a flower arrangement because glass doesn’t absorb heat like other containers do.

Care of Glass Vases

Glass containers also don’t get as dirty and grimy like other materials do. Glass is one of the best choices when it comes to storing flowers because they can keep them fresh for longer periods of time while still looking beautiful in any room in your home. Glass containers should be hand washed with soap and water or they can go through the dishwasher as long as there isn’t any detergent left on them from a previous use.

Glass vases should not be placed in the microwave or oven. Glass containers are a very popular choice for flower storage because they can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, which makes them perfect to use as decorative pieces around your home.

Glass is very delicate, so it should also be handled with care and not dropped. Glass is very delicate so it should also be handled with care and not dropped because it can easily break or crack .

Traditional or modern vases?

Whether your décor is traditional or modern, there is a glass vase to suit your style. Glass comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes so there is no limit on what you can choose from – tall or short, skinny or fat, clear or colourful! Glass does not have to be dull either; it can come with patterns etched into them for an extra decorative feature.

Vases are sometimes used on their own, without a flower, to add a touch of glamour or drama to an empty corner.