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Indoor Plant Pots

Indoor plant pots are a great way to add life and color to your home. There are many types, colors, and styles available to suit every room in your house.

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40 items

Indoor plant pot materials


Ceramic pots are porous which allows air and moisture to move through the pot. These pots are perfect for cacti, succulents and orchids.

Ceramic pots are usually glazed, but unglazed ceramic pots allow you to put a stamp on them with your favorite colors and patterns.


Clay pots, like ceramic pots, are porous and able to absorb and release water allowing them to breathe and release excess water. Clay absorbs more water than ceramic and their natural materials have an earthy appearance which works well with living plants.


Plastic plant pots come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. These pots are great for children to use. Fiberglass is similar to plastic but these pots hold moisture longer than plastic which means more frequent watering.

Resin is a plastic material that is very strong, lightweight , and durable . It does not rust or corrode, which makes it perfect outdoor planters or in moist climates. However, it can scratch easily.


Metal pots are very shiny and decorative. These pots are perfect for bonsai or large leafed plants. Metal cannot hold too much water so they are ideal as an inside planter for plants that need less water. They can also get very hot in the sun which may burn sensitive roots.

Woven Grass

Woven grass or basket planters are perfect for indoor plants creating a lovely design element in any room.

They are very light weight and easy to move however they do not hold water and therefor are often placed over a secondary plastic pot for a purely decorative effect.


Stone pots come in a variety of different kinds: concrete, marble, limestone and sandstone. Stone is weatherproof, frost proof and does not rot so they are perfect to use both indoors and outdoors. They come in many different shapes, sizes and colours.


Decorative Styles

Indoor pots can painted, glazed or stone washed to give a different look and feel. Glazing is a great way to create a high sheen surface. Plant pots can be used to brighten up a room with colour or used discreetly to provide greenery without the large size of other houseplants.

Ceramic and clay pots can be decorated with more texture than stone or marble, allowing for etchings of words or designs to be used on the side of the pot. Or can be painted with fantastic patterns and colours .

Indoor planters are ideal for smaller spaces and are easy to move around your house and place in the ideal position.


Indoor Planter Placements

Plant pots can be placed around your home, depending on the style you’re going for. Pots are often used as floor decorations but should never obstruct walkways or doorways. Plant pots can have their own dedicated plant stand which can elevate floor standing pots, or they can be placed directly onto carpets or rugs to save space.

They can also be moved around depending on the time of year and filled with different flowers depending on the season! Indoor plant pots can be used on window sills, walls or any location where a decorative touch is desired. A plant pot does not have to be displayed alone, as it can also serve as a vase for a fresh cut flower bouquet or hold artificial plants year round.

Indoor plant pots are a great way to add a bit of life and color into your home. Indoor plants can freshen the atmosphere, brighten up a room or eat away at indoor air pollution. Pot plants also provide an opportunity for you to get in touch with nature even when sitting indoors!