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Window Mirrors

Here at The Lily Village, we have beautiful collection of window mirrors that will enhance your unique decor. Window Mirrors were used predominantly as outdoor mirrors, which are hung on garden walls or fences to create a magical expanse and reflection.

7 items

7 items

Window mirrors have more recently been taken to the interior of homes, to give and reflect a wonderful outlook to a home. The addition of a window mirror in the living space not only adds a modern sense of style, but also creates the illusion of space and depth beyond the wall it is placed. Window mirrors are exceptionally versatile and will look fabulous in any room in your home, whether it be your living room, dining room, hallway or kitchen.

Use a Window Mirror to add a unique decoration to your home

Window mirrors are practical and stylish and can reflect a timeless or glamorous feel to any room. Flamboyant window mirrors can make a unique statement in the lounge, Or you may like a more traditional style window mirror that can be practical as a splash back behind a hob, which can create a beautiful look whilst cooking your family dinners. Window mirrors also work really well placed at the end of a hallway or in a small dark living space.

Practical & stylish Window Mirrors:

Changing your point of view by adding one of our stylish mirrors to your home, whether you want to reflect light into a dim hallway, ad a focal point to your living room or create a grooming area in your bathroom, we’ve got a piece for you. Round, square, large or small, freestanding or hanging.

How to Decorate With Window Mirrors:

Window mirrors are made of glass to reflect the abundance of natural light around your home. They are mirrors that are made to look like windows. They can come in a range of frames and sizes. To decorate with window mirror you can add flowers or accessories which will enhance the look of the mirror. Placing a window mirror on the mantel, is an easy decorative touch which will in turn give your living space a enhanced look, or even standing them on the floor with your favourite décor items will make you home look elegant.

Quality and Affordable Window Mirrors:

Our window mirrors are very good quality and an affordable price to help you decorate your home in style. be sure to take a look at our mesmerising mirrors today!