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The mirror is one of the most functional decorating tools for your home, providing a much needed reflection it is also a beautiful visual addition to any room in the home. There are many styles of mirrors to consider, many different shapes, sizes and material to choose from. A mirror is also an opportunity to express your own unique style by creating a bold visual statement or a subtle and sleek light enhancer.


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77 items

Decorating with Mirrors

Using mirrors to decorate your home is a great way to enhance a room’s features and set the tone for the room décor as a whole.

Ensure the mirror’s reflection is worthy

Always consider what you are reflecting in your mirror. There is no point in hanging a huge full length mirror in your lounge only reflect back the opposite wall back at you. Placing the full length mirrors in large rooms such as dining rooms and sitting rooms can make use of any light coming into the room, and reflect and enhance it. Or using a smaller wall hanging mirror to replicate a large corner plant can create a stylish texture to the reflection.

Choosing your style

Add a touch of elegance to your home with framed mirrors. Framed mirrors can look really stunning when used to decorate a room. A mirror that has been framed will add an element of style and design to your home décor, without overpowering it completely. With a huge variety to choose from, you can set the tone of any room with a frame and create a stunning feature. An antique looking frame is a bold decorative statement and can be accompanied by other similar or complementary frames pictures and accents to match. Something more intricate and decorative such as fun shapes and patterned mirrors can brighten a bedroom while still being functional.

Mix and match

Can’t choose the perfect mirror for your home? Why not create a feature with a few different wall mounted mirrors?

Using a few small metal square mirrors on a larger bathroom can create a gorgeous and light effect giving the illusion of more space and enhancing any natural light in the room.

Using a mirror to reflect the bed and other furniture in a bedroom can make it feel more spacious. Don’t be afraid to choose a few options for your bedroom, again mixing and matching will create a brighter room. A large square standing mirror might reflect back into a small vanity mirror placed at the other end of the room. And perhaps a beautiful round mirror above the fire place to add another shape to the space.

At The Lily Village we have a huge range of functional and stylish mirrors to add colour, light and intrigue to your home. Creativity is key!