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Animal Door Stops

Animal door stops can be fun and quirky additions to your home and will put a smile on the face of people visiting your home. You will find that no matter what animal you choose as a doorstop, it is sure to become a talking point among visitors.

Doorstops can be great fun and add some quirkiness to your home while also serving a functional purpose, holding open doors while not allowing cold drafts through.

24 items

24 items

How are doorstops made?

Most doorstops are manufactured using traditional methods which have been used for decades, while some have more unusual designs and are unique one-off pieces. Doorstops were originally created from stone or clay before being replaced by metal and brass in the 1800’s.

The doorstop was originally designed as a heavy object to keep a door from swinging shut or to keep doors open, today we have far more sophisticated doors and so the various styles of the doorstop have grown!

Today door stops are made from a variety of materials including wood, porcelain, fabric, rubber and plastic. They are used to hold a door open, prevent damage from slamming doors and stop drafts.

Some of the most popular doorstops are animals, as they can be both decorative and functional depending on what design you choose to purchase.

Where are they used?

Doorstops can be used on exterior doors, interior doors and door openings that contain an archway. Decorative door stops can be used in any room in the house, while the functional doorstops are usually found in rooms with hard floors or carpets.

The more whimsical styles can be used in children’s rooms, as home interior Christmas decorations or seasonal decorations, in the office, or simply to prop open the back door for that summer draft. A cute door stopper can brighten any room and add colour, warmth and charm to your home.

Great gift idea

Whimsical doorstops are a great housewarming gift and are sure to add a bit of character to the new home.

They make an unusual gift for someone moving into a new house and are bound to be a topic of conversation when they receive visitors to their home.

Animal doorstops are a great accessories to your child’s room and they are also a great way to encourage imaginative play. Some of the gorgeous decorative door stops we have in our range at The Lily Village are gorgeous for gifts, they are cute, super soft and come in a wide range of styles and colours for any occasion. The best doorstops

If you are looking for a high quality animal doorstop, then have a look at the range of door stops by The Lily Village. Our doorstops are designed to be both functional and durable, as well as being decorative items that will brighten up your home.