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Door Stoppers

What would you do without a door stop? Door stops are used to keep doors from closing all the way and crashing into walls or other door, or to keep doors open rather than slamming closed. The most common use of door stoppers is to protect children or pets from getting hurt by a door slamming shut. But sometimes a doorstop can serve a decorative purpose as well, adding charm and atmosphere to a room.

32 items

32 items

Why should you have door stoppers in your home?

A doorstop is any device used to protect doors and walls in your home. This can range anywhere from a wedge-shaped rubber object to something as elaborate as an ornate figurine, or on the fun side a sand filled Unicorn. There are even door stoppers that turn into step stools for convenience and safety.

Door stoppers are ideal for keeping door and walls in your home from slamming into each other or your wall, but it doesn’t have to be all about function! They can be a great addition to your interior style.

Types of door stoppers

There are various types of doorstops available to purchase today, we have a wide range available at The Lily Village, including wooden wedges, sand filled animal door stops, and ornate cement style door stops.

Once you identify what you need your door stop to do, it is easy to match the material and decor style to an individual room and the furniture in your house. A wall in your sleek and modern lounge which needs protection may suit our Buddha Cement Door Stop. Your child’s fun and colourful bedroom where the door should always be open would definitely benefit from Highland Cow for protection.

Door stoppers are a great addition to any home, necessary to protect your walls, doors and floor, and just a touch of fun at the same time.