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Lanterns are a great way to decorate your home inside and out, providing a protective cover for candles in all sorts of gorgeous designs.

The shape of a traditional lantern has its roots in history. Ancient Egyptians used them to light their way when they crossed the desert, helping them avoid dangerous creatures and traps. Many civilizations followed suit, making lamps out of clay pots with fabric stretched across their openings to hold burning oil or wax. Today we have far more sophisticated and delicate designs available.

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18 items

Indoor Lanterns

Indoor candle lanterns are usually made from more delicate materials such as glass, wood, brass or paper. They’re designed to work with smaller candles or decorative lights, which are great for adding a warm glow to your home while maintaining safety.

Many of these lanterns come in beautiful vintage designs that mimic their predecessors from years past. Others are modern and sleek, giving you the best of both worlds. Many indoor lanterns are used for mood lighting without having to worry about the candles being unprotected.

Candle lanterns usually hold small candles like tea lights and can be used for mood lighting in any room. Decorating your hallway with well designed lanterns can be a lovely décor choice, they can be used to illuminate your entrance at night.

The lanterns that are primarily designed as light fixtures or candle holders come in many wonderful styles and colors that range from traditional to modern. Lanterns come in many forms and styles some lanterns are made purely for decoration some lanterns are solely used as candle holders.

Outdoor Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns are usually made from a hardier material , like metal or wood, which is more suitable for outdoor use and can withstand the elements. With a large outdoor space you can afford to be bold with your design choice using a large candle lantern on an outside dining table can create a stunning effect.

Lanterns come in handy for lighting walkways, patios, backyards and decks. They can be placed on walls or hung from trees, roof lines or ceilings. Some lantern styles are ideal for creating the perfect outdoor living space; they also make great accents to your landscaping by adding a soft flickering glow.

Candle lanterns for outdoor use can usually hold larger candles, such as pillar candles which can light up a large area of your garden.

If you are after something different to light up your home or garden, the lanterns at the Lily Village offer a great selection of styles.