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Candle Holders

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it – Edith Wharton.

Despite being replaced by electric lights over 100 years ago, the humble candle still remains a favourite for many people. Candles are used in temples, churches and homes to brighten up our lives through special candle holders, which come in different form and shapes, depending on personal preferences.

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159 items

Candles for all Environments

Whatever your room or area, there will be either a candle, lantern or candelabra which will fit your style, to greatly enhance the effect of your designs. The candle holder is an ultimate decorative accessory which can be used for every type of party, and is also ideal to use when dining with the family.

Candle light is symbolic of warmth, friendship and love. When you have a number of candles in your home it creates a feeling of well-being and comfort. Candles can also be placed outdoors to create wonderful ambience with flickering candle lights illuminating pathways.

Candle holders are a great alternative to other forms of lighting. It’s important that you light up your life by adding candle holders, candlesticks and candle sticks, they can really lift the rooms ambiance and create the feel good factor within any room

When it comes to choosing a candle holder or candlestick, there are several styles available for you to choose from, depending on your taste in décor. Some common candle holders include the following

Candle Holder Designs – Common Types of Candle Holders

There are many different types of candle holders that can be purchased from a gift store or on the Internet. However, the most common designs of candle holders include:

Candleholders – Candle and Flame Holder

This is one of the most popular types of candles because you can place it in any house and any table setting.

Candle Lanterns

These come in a range of designs, sizes and shapes. A candle lantern acts not only as a candle holder but also as a beautiful decoration for your house or garden.


These are are multi stem candle holders often on a very ornate base. They can be made of a range of materials and are usually very decorative, and not necessarily designed for candle use but they can be used as such.

Candle Set

These are sets that come with multiple candle holders so you can place more than one candle at the same time.

Tea Light Holders

There are many ways in which the humble tea light candle can be displayed. A popular way being a simple decorative candle holder made of glass or metal, others come in the shape of a lantern and some even have special features; such as stunning cut-glass designs with patterns which are often enhanced by candles.

Using Candles to enhance your décor

With a little imagination you can use candles and holders to add colour, as well as create the mood you are aiming for.

Candles used alone or in candle sets will give a bold statement to your room’s decorating theme. The warm glow from candles has been used since early civilization and make a great difference to the mood in any room.

A candle holder can also be a great place to put your tea light candles, you could even set one alongside real candles. It’s all about what gives off the right atmosphere and ambience for your room.

Candles are not just used in home decorating but have been found to provide some great therapeutic benefits as well as looking good.

Candles as gifts

Don’t forget candles make excellent gifts as well, so think about what would be a lovely present for that friend or loved one. There is a tremendous selection on this website and its worth a good look through.

Candle Safety

As with any heat source candles can be dangerous, especially as they are a live flame and must only be used when attended. Children should not be allowed to play near candles and indeed they should never be placed within reach of young children and babies.