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Wall Clocks

Clocks and timepieces come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and wall clocks are very popular as they can be hung on almost any vertical surface. Large Wall Clocks have recently become very fashionable and can make a strong statement in any room, especially if mounted in a distinctive position.

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39 items

Wall Clocks Overview

Wall Clocks are an excellent way of displaying time, especially if space on a desk or mantle is limited. Wall Clocks can also be placed anywhere without worrying about them getting knocked over or damaged once they are hung up. Large wall clocks are attractive pieces in many settings.

Wall clocks in general make a lovely accessory for the kitchen, and they are usually quite large so that everyone can easily see the time. Wall Clocks also have an amazing variety of colours for the numbers and hands, enabling you to find a style which matches your home both in terms of colour and design.

Mechanical looking clocks with moving gears are becoming more popular. Whilst the gears may not actually be part of the mechanism the visible gears add an industrial touch.

Wall Clocks with grand designs will capture the interest of your visitors and can really make a conversation piece.

History of Wall Clocks

Wall Clocks have a very long tradition and are steeped in history as they were first recorded back in Roman times. Wall clocks make great gifts for anyone who’s interested in watches, horology or even astronomy and some of the more unique Wall Clocks can even be used as functional works of art to hang on your wall.

The passage of time is something that our lives revolve around and we humans have long been fascinated by the measurement of time. This lies behind the huge variety of timepieces that have been created through the centuries. Wall clocks are very functional and they continue to be popular in the 21st century.

The design of a clock can vary so much that it may have conventional numerals, roman numerals, simple hour markers, or even no markings at all! The position of the hours of the clock face is so well known we can immediately ready the time even without them!

Wall Clocks and Art

Clocks can in themselves be artistic and contribute to the overall theme of a room. The materials, colours and textures on the clock face and the way the numerals or hour markers are created all contributes to the artistic effect.

Wall Clocks can be made in artistic sculptures, such as those seen on the works of Salvador Dali or automata Wall Clocks that tell the time while performing an action, like opening it’s eyes or moving its hands.

Wall Clocks are a great way to add character to your room, whether that be for practical or decorative purposes.

Wall Clock Materials

Clocks can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, plastics, and metal. Wall clocks with antique finishes can also look very decorative. Wall Clocks vary in size from the small digital Wall Clock that sits on your desk to huge Wall Clocks that may enhance a whole room.

Choosing Wall Clocks

The range of clocks available is so large that you can always find something that’s fits your décor within budget. If you have a large wall, think about the size of the clock that could be accommodated. Consider the position of the clock and from where it can be seen. A clock for a hall may have very different criteria from one for a bathroom, for example.

Looking for Wall Clocks online has never been easier – simply search our website to select from a wide range of clocks that features unique, creative designs and are available at attractive prices.

Buying a Wall Clock for a gift?

Wall clocks are also perfect as gifts for different occasions. Wall Clocks can be given to your loved ones, whether that be a parent or even a child. Wall clocks also make great accessories for the kitchen and dining room.

Think about the character of the person to whom you are giving the clock – are they an ‘old school’, traditional person or do they favour modern, contemporary style décor?

If they have a mechanical background, some wall clocks have moving gears on display and can create a fascination for this kind of people.

Similarly, nature lovers will appreciate a clock that features flora and fauna. Some clocks even feature birdsong or other sounds.

If the person is a traveller and loves foreign cities, a clock which incorporates times for different zones may be attractive to them.

If they’re a sports enthusiast, try and find an antique wall clock with sporting memorabilia or engravings on the face of the timepiece. Wall Clocks make excellent gifts for any special occasion, whether it be Mother’s Day, Father’s day, Christmas or even their birthday!

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