Lanterns are a great addition to any home’s décor. They provide an intimate, cozy atmosphere and can be hung in different ways to create a unique mood for your space. There are lanterns of every shape and size out there, so you will never run out of options when it comes to creating the perfect lantern-filled decorating scheme for your home. We’ve compiled some creative ideas that we think may inspire you if you’re looking for lantern decoration ideas for every season:


Seasonal lantern decor can be so much fun, and with all the outdoor and indoor ideas that you can piece together, making it all so precious and bring happy memories to every space.

Here are some lantern decoration ideas for each season:


By adding the spring flower vibe or the love of valentines day, Or just of fresh greenery or fresh light can be eye catching. If you want to welcome spring, lanterns filled with daffodils or tulips can be a great decoration for the dining room table. Using a small potted plant, whether they are artificial or real, these are a great idea for home décor for the springtime, bringing freshness to your home. Adding bunnies or birdhouses around lanterns will give an extra touch of whimsy for that springtime feel.


Use lanterns as a centrepiece or add them to your outdoor decor. You can find lanterns in different colours and shapes that will fit any space or style nicely. They also make great backyard lantern ideas for night time parties! One idea would be lanterns hanging off trees around the pool area with some balls floating on water…. This can create beautiful reflections…


The autumn brings the lovely blend of oranges and browns for those Halloween moments or just autumn feel. How about a lantern filled with apples with candles that light them up.


Lanterns filled with pine cones, baubles, Holly and berries, or place greenery inside from ferns. are such a cosy decoration for the winter season. But, don’t forget to add the finishing touches with with the ribbons and candle lanterns.

Just a few ideas on how to use different Lantern Styles…

Glass Jars

Glass Jar lanterns add style to any room and goes well with a rustic farmhouse look. A mason Jar can be used for an inspiring lantern display, on a dining table or hearth.

Candle Lanterns

Candle lanterns come in all shapes and sizes, from small to large. They are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any event or special occasion.

Silver Lanterns

Our modern Farah collection silver lanterns are so versatile and can be used for any event, big or small. Their elegant design will add style and sophistication to your décor.

Hanging Lanterns

These lanterns are perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere indoors or outdoors. The soft light they emit is perfect for setting the mood for any special occasion.

Copper Lanterns

These have such a warm glow with the Led lights inside. Ideal for a garden party or that holiday decor.

Dome Lanterns

Our dome Lantern will bring a sparkle to any interior decor.

Grey Lanterns

Traditional lanterns are often square based with either glass panes or open, are mostly used in our home decor with an led candle along with maybe a big of greenery and a ribbon attached to the ring at the top. These are traditionally used as floor lanterns. Buying large lanterns of this style, for the home decor can instantly style a space in a timeless way.

Enormous lanterns

What better way to create a lantern display with enormous lanterns. displaying with various sizes gives a home a great look and can be used either indoors or outdoors.

So many creative ways to decorate with lanterns..

Indoor Ideas

Decorating with lanterns indoors is just so rewarding. You can either use LED candles or real candles in your lanterns.

Decorating with lanterns on the stairs is a great way to add some drama and style.

You could also decorate with lanterns as part of your centerpiece on the dining table. using dim lighting such as tea lights are perfect for this.

A different way to fill lanterns, is with shells and sand or rocks, to compliment that decor that goes well in the bathroom. These can be displayed on the floor or windowsill, making this a lovely way to decorate a bathroom.

Outdoor use

When decorating with lanterns outdoors, you have so many more options! You can use solar lanterns which are perfect for the garden or patio. battery operated lanterns are also a great option to use outside as they don’t require any wiring.

Hang your lanterns up with some hooks or shepherd’s hooks to create an eye-catching display. You can also place them on the ground around your patio or deck.

Lanterns look great on a porch, in the garden or even at the front door. You can use battery operated tea lights to create an inviting glow for your guests..

Decorative Lanterns hung around on smaller tree branches or from fences and sheds, can give a special touch the outdoor garden area. Lanterns are extremely versatile. Decorating lanterns in groups or just one lantern, can still be visually intriguing.

Solar powered or battery operated lanterns are great for outdoor spaces, lighting up the garden at night. They last a lot longer than traditional candles, therefore they don’t need to just be used for that holiday decor, they can be enjoyed all year round.

Using lanterns at weddings…

Any size or shape of lantern can be used at a wedding, bringing a romantic feel to the space. They can be used as part of the décor or to light the way for guests, or use a large lantern as a wedding card gift box. Lighting up the walkways or lining the aisle are a great way to decorate with lanterns.

Along with floral centrepieces, add lanterns to pretty up the tables. On your food tables bar or dessert tables. A well lit, lantern filled table is sure to be the star of your event!

If you are having an outdoor wedding, lanterns can also provide a warm glow when it starts to get dark. Hang them in trees or around the perimeter of your venue for a truly magical look on your big day!

So many ways….

There are so many ways to use lanterns for decorating, both inside and outside your home. Large lanterns can make a bold statement or you can use smaller candle lanterns in groups for a more subtle look. Making beautiful spaces with lanterns are great for complimenting the colour scheme too.

Keeping photos or books that are special to you, inside a large lantern, can create a treasured home.

Did you know lanterns can be used for many things, lanterns are not just for decoration. They make great light sources in dark places and spaces that need a bit of atmosphere. Lanterns also make ideal lighting when camping or out on the beach at night time too!

If you want to make your lantern display captivating, you could try filling them with red hearts and making them into love lanterns.

Have fun with Lantern décor, lots of great ideas are available and they can all be styled differently when a new season comes round.