Door stoppers are an item that people don’t often think about until they need one. They’re handy for propping open doors, but they also serve as a decorative piece in your home design. You can find doorstops made out of wood or metal. Some have feet to prop the doorstop up and others simply lay flat against the ground. These decorative door stoppers will help you spruce up any room!

At The Lily Village we have a wide range of fun and practical ways to prevent doors from slamming, in this article we have highlighted 12 of our favourite.

Keep Calm And Hold The Door

This small but heavy Buddha doorstop is the perfect door stop for heavy doors. It is specifically designed to protect your door and to stop wall damage, it also has protective pads at the base to make sure the weight doesn’t damage your floor.

It’s So Fluffy!

This magical unicorn door stop is great for the kids room, preventing slamming doors with a touch of whimsy. It is soft and filled with sand, creating a safe and sturdy prop for your home.

Wonderful Wedges

A different design choice for your home, these gorgeous and wooden doorstops are made from heavy mango wood and each has a ceramic stoneware knob with iron detailing. These wedge stops are bound to be a conversation starter when entertaining.

Cactus Crazy?

Our Cactus doorstop is beautifully designed to bring style into your home. With a hessian base, the intricate flowers and lace fabric finish creates perfect desert look for your home.

Keep The Whole House Happy

Looking for the perfect gift for Christmas? Look no further than this gorgeous faux leather football door stop. Definitely the best door stopper for the adults of the family, it can be used to prop open doors in the study, home gym or even outside courtyard.

The Choice Is Yours

The choices for door stoppers are endless; for that heavy door that always slams in the wind, or the kitchen door that is always left open. Whether the choice is made to prevent wall damage, or as a design feature, have fun with your door stoppers!

We hope you have enjoyed our round-up of the best door stoppers for your home design. Whether you are looking for a stylish addition to your décor or a fun and functional gift, we know you will find the perfect doorstop here.